Slow Farm
Kunekune Pigs

Call it passion or obsession, but once we experienced kunekune pigs we were hooked.

Kunes are grazing pigs that gently improve pastures and woodlands by foraging for plants without rooting the soil and disrupting mycelia systems  And even better, they are lovable, sociable, mellow additions to any farm or homestead and co-graze extremely well with other species. We believe kunes could change land management and pork production for small scale sustainable farmers. Read on for more info!

Our start…

Like many people, we read about and loved the idea of kunekune grazing pigs, but were intimidated by the price of breeding stock and lack of availability near us. In 2016 we had an opportunity to purchase several unregistered kune females and jumped on it! We had no idea how smitten we would be.

For Rachel, who had grown up with full size conventional breeds as well as cranky potbelly pigs, kunes were an epiphany. They lived up to the breed hype and more! We knew within a few months that we needed to go ‘whole hog’ on kunes and make the investment in quality registered breeding stock so we could be part of conserving this wonderful rare breed.

We do still occasionally offer litters by our original unregistered sows (bred to our registered boars), so that folks starting out like we did can still afford to bring kunes to their farms and homesteads as land management animals, companions, or feeder pigs. We market our unregistered pigs as kune crosses since you can never truly know the lineage of an unregistered pig. The kune crosses are fantastic pigs, but our registered stock have more of the perfect kunekune confirmation and so are what we recommend folks breed with. As rare as kunes are, it’s important that the best genes possible are passed on!