We think of our animals as teammates and choose each species and breed based on what they bring to our land management efforts. The goal is to use farming as a way to care for our land, rather than the more traditional model where the land supports the farming.



Our happy, free-range hens forage sun-up to sun-down anywhere their little hearts desire. The result: incredible eggs full of flavor and nutrients.



By just doing what goats do, our herd helps clear restore our farm's fertility without chemicals.

Compact bodies, short snouts, and sweet dispositions make Kunes essential members of our sustainable farming team.

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Guinea Fowl

These funny (and loud) dinosaurs are like bug Roombas, vacuuming up all kinds of nuisance insects like ticks and fire ants.

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Ancona Ducks

Our small flock helps conserve this rare heritage breed while also managing our 1.5 acre pond.


Dogs + Cats

Whether it's guarding goats, welcoming visitors, or hunting varmints, all Slow Farm critters have jobs to do. Including the dogs and cats!